Erik leaves for Sweden

Erik and the other greeny missionaries right before they left for the airport to Sweden.

There will not be a letter from Erik this week as he won’t get a day to write until next Monday.  As of 8 pm, January 5th, he should have arrived in Stockholm, Sweden. Jon and I were able to talk with him from the airport, which was the best.  He is psyched for getting immersed in all things Swedish and is ready to test out the language.  He said the first thing he noticed when driving on a road for the first time in seven weeks was the $ 2 a gallon gas prices!

He’s learned so much and experienced all kinds of people and situations in the MTC that he already sounds more mature and closer to an adult then a youth.   He wanted to wish the best to all family and friends and asked about several of you.  The only thing he seems to be having difficulty with in regards to missing anything is Black Swan Youth Theatre .  He finds it hard to comprehend I’m directing a play without him for the first time in his memory. I guess I’d better arrange a photo journal of the rehearsal to performance of Willy Wonka.

Well. until next week for Erik!

Susan (Elder Erik Scott’s Mum)


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