A Roller Coaster of a Week

Ian on the morning he left on his mission, with his niece, Elanor. July 2013
Ian on the morning he left on his mission, with his niece, Elanor. July 2013

Dear Mom,

     It’s been a roller coaster week! It started off tough, and I learned that often the adversary strikes before good things. It was a hard lesson getting dropped by my African “braddah”who was solid and then didn’t want it anymore. To make the situation worse, an anti-Mormon was there during our lesson with him. I  learned that this is the only 100% true doctrine left not corrupted by man and I know that for sure.  Sometimes it’s hard  to do missionary work when all it brings heartache when the people who don’t follow though with the knowledge I give them.
     Despite this week’s set back, we found three new humble investigators, and another is getting baptized this week!!  These three are very willing to change their lives for Christ and through Christ. My companion and I have worked out our differences and have found joy in the work.
     The ward we serve in is okay. There are  lots of old people that are tired and a few powerful new young members that just moved in like the Rosers who are one of the coolest families I have connected with on my mission( they even think it is a sin to eat non organic food). They were the BYU-I outdoorsy couple who are power house missionaries and we get almost all our work from them. There is not  much priesthood and a very active Relief Society with a lot of single women converts. I like the ward but we haven’t been fed in two weeks except by a recent  convert one time. Iv’e been fed about one time a week on average.
     In this week’s scripture reading, I liked D&C 52:34 and it describes how I have been faithful in tribulation and now I am being blessed with much fruit. But, I believe the blessings come in life after the mission, as a friend I had that went home has said. With 6 months left to go, I will read a section of the Doctrine and Covenants each day as a kind of countdown tradition missionaries have.
     Well, I hope I  answered all your questions? I love you mom so much. Thanks for
all you do and you advice, strength and faithfulness.
Elder Scott

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