Christmas in Rock Island, Illinois

Hello everyone,

Skyping with Ian on Christmas morning.

I had a great Christmas mostly because my parents are the coolest people since sliced bread and we had a great skype conversation that has made me so happy! I woke up Christmas morning and I received some clothes and refined delights. I also got “Carcassone”( thanks Ricky and Jessie) which is a game and it’s the best game ever so we play it every night. I got a sweet Swedish sweater( try saying that 10x fast) that is red and has polar bears and penguins on it even though it is “un-approved,” I wore it and people were flooding the sweater with compliments. I made some eggs Lorainein the morning to keep the tradition alive( speaking of traditions,  I miss getting legos.)

Later in the day, we did some missionary work on the streets just to say I did for generations to come, and we were well received actually. I guess people felt like there was a Christmas goose for every one!

My companion and I then skyped home and I told you how great that was. I also got to talk to my niece, Elanor who has gone through a vortex and aged two  years. It’s is wild to be talking to a 2 year old that seemingly instantly becomes a 4 year old young lady. I’ve been on a mission too long, but I have six months to go and much to do.  I have a feeling deep in side that I can’t hide, but I got a feeling that good stuff is coming on this last leg of the mission, so stay tuned.

Talk to you next year,

Elder Scott the 2nd

A quick letter to his four year old niece:

Hi Elanor,

I have no snow. It has been warm and sunny in Illinois. Do you have snow in  Oregon? I am having p-day (prep day/day off)  which means I play soccer and dodge ball and play piano until six and then I teach people about Jesus until bed. What was the best thing you got for Christmas?

I love you,

Uncle Ian


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