Happy Christmas from Erik:

Happy 209th Birthday Joseph Smith Jr. (yesterday)
So it is Christmas time, eh? What aboot that? This week I’ve spent the majority of outside of class time convincing fellow missionaries that I’m from Moosejaw, Canada. The things hoosiers do, eh?

His Canadian snowman

I feel odd, writing this on Christmas eve….just an odd Christmas eve all around knowing I’m not with family, but the mystery apostle coming tomorrow will probably make it better….I’ll still be missing the oyster stew and Bing Crosby and family. The closest thing I got to feeling like home is watching Mr Krueger’s Christmas this morning. Of course, my companions thought it was stupid but I still like it….though it made me really yearn for It’s A Wonderful Life. Anyway, enough of my homesickness….

What did I do this week?…… Looking back at my journal entries I find that nothing really noteworthy happened. I woke up, I ate breakfast, I dominated in four square, (my specialty move is Thor’s hammer) I learned Swedish, I ate lunch, I learned Swedish, I ate dinner, I learned Swedish, I went to bed and I repeated. It isn’t a bad schedule, and certainly necessary to prepare me for Sweden, but it does not look very dramatic in writing. Because of this, we sought some means of spicing things up so when our newest zone leader was called. We threw him a coronation complete with Stone of Scone and celebratory feast of Rotisserie Chicken, french bread, sparkling cider, apple and cherry pie. (All thanks to messrs. Mooney, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs….well really Elder Gielsen’s sister who works here but it is much more noteworthy if I make a literary allusion….) The whole thing was very carefully done to not appear sacrilegious or annoy the senior zone leader, though there is talk of a parade among the subjects.DSC_3628

Also every so often Elder Buchanan graces his presence in the cafeteria which is a nice throwback to the days before the mission. He seems to be enjoying himself. This letter will be very discombobulated for I am grasping for notable things to write about…

He said, “Who is this whippersnapper?”

Our devotional yesterday was from Gary E. Stevenson, the presiding bishop. It was a very powerful talk about the three greatest gift we can receive and in turn give others; 1. The gift of Jesus Christ and his gospel. 2. The Gift of the Spirit and 3. The Gift of The Restoration. I wrote all my notes in swedish for practice so I can not draw up precise quote, but what he was putting the most emphasis on was necessity of the spirit. It is the most important companion for missionary work.
Nothing else really to report apart from I got my travel plans today!!!! So I’m leaving at 3:30 in the morning, flying to Chicago, Chicago to Frankfurt (how aboot that eh? throwback to my youngling years) and Frankfurt to Stockholm, flying Lufthansa. (Hope it is more legroom than the last Lufthansa flight.) This is making me beyond excited. Elder Per Malm said last week (the Swedish member of the 70) “The MTC is the time for you to fill the well.” So I hope my proverbial well is filled in two weeks time.

Much thanks to all those who sent me presents and Christmas treats this week. They made Christmas feel a little bit more like home. I’ve got all my gifts at the foot of my bed Harry Potter style. I’m dawning my Weasley Sweater and making some Swedish straw goats. I sent packages this weekend for the family so hope it reaches you before tomorrow.

Though I am not home for Christmas I feel that this will be a Christmas to remember. Happy Christmas to all, and take just a few minutes tonight to remember the miracle that is in Christmas if you takeout the last syllable: Christ. I know our Savior, Jesus Christ lives. He came to this earth and died for us, and for that I am eternally thankful and wish to do all I can to be a little more like him everyday for the rest of my life. If you need help, John Rhys Davies will put you in the mood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZ6xdNXphQM
God Jul,
Äldste Scott
p.s. Family, I’m calling around 4:45 tomorrow Happy


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