All I want for Christmas are photos of mountains…

A pastel Ian sent me that he did on his P Day-“Christmas Eve”.
Working at the botanical gardens in Rock Island.
Working at the botanical gardens in Rock Island.

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! I started off the week with a rad exchange with my d-leader (district leader) who is a beat boxing legend. We mostly free style rapped and goofed off to fight the disappointment of things falling through and having the most sad dropping of investigators of my mission. Although we might have lost a nice Mexican family, we gained another Mexican family as a result of “share the gift” cards, which we presented in a very non threatening way to get in with more people at the door. One person even let us in to watch the video and liked it so much they invited us for a turkey feast! It pretty much made my week.

Trimming banana trees is not something one would usually do in a winter in Illinois but that was also another goof part of my week as we did service at a botanical garden. When we  were working, there was a bunch of 5-6th graders that came in for a field trip and we suddenly were on recess patrol duty( time for revenge!) . Some kids these days have gotten way too corrupted, at way too young of an age. It’s sad and makes me want to live in a cabin and home school my children even more with the way things seem to be going. But, you got to be in the world, and not of the world. We have to be out in it and go into the battle front and not be hermit-ing cowards. Well, that’s my rant for today.

I am hanging in there. Skype with family will be good this week.  I probably am going to tract this Christmas just to say I did for generations, and pretend that I am a hardcore missionary doing Christmas the way the shepherds did it; spreading the word.  But, I probably will go to a members home for part of the day, Skype my family and miss them even more, followed by falling into a glutinous sleep. Either way, it will be an alright Christmas. Have a happy Christmas everyone!

Love, Elder Scott

P.S.- Mom. I  got the package. I will be honest…I opened some of the presents. Well.. they were already partially unwrapped as a result from shipping damage and I was tempted and I am sorry. The gloves are really cool, and dapper and I needed them as soon as possible. The red sweater is” not approved” but I am wearing it on Christmas. It is hip and reminds me of the great north.  I need to be more Mr . Thoughtful and get some more stamps so I can send more letters. It must be better having the family back in town.


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