Rockin’ it in Rock Island

Right now in the library listening to the music you sent me. It’s so good and has a good message ( I feel like a Dumbledore’s army member sometimes).

Howdy my kindred,

First off, Mom- I did get the package. The cookies were still fresh and it was the first time in 18 months that I actually enjoyed eating cookies. Your recipe is so distinctive.

We started off last week with doing service at a botanical center. I had almost lost hope that there was beauty in this world but we do service at a giant tropical green house. I will send pictures next week, to say the least, it renewed the artist heart.

Been busy working mostly off the work of the sister area that we took over since there are not enough sisters coming out on missions lately. We also cover our Rock Island area and Moline, so two cites of metropolitan size.  There is too much work to do and not enough time. We don’t have a car and my companion doesn’t like bikes or anything else fun so we take the bus with is very ineffective, but I do enjoy making friends on the bus. I met a brother who I knew from the pre-existence.  He was a snowboarder, a musician, an artist and a guy my age seeking for more of God’s words.  He is very spiritual. The only  down side is he lives across the river, so out of our zone:( . I met another fellow in the bus station restroom who asked for toilet paper because he ran out.  If that wasn’t awkward, I slipped  him a pass along card and he told an off color bathroom joke. I never saw the man’s face but we had a great  stall to stall conversation. I love the people you meet in Rock Island.

I’ve been watching a lot of seminary videos. My comp. has all of them. I have now become dependent on them to help me fall asleep. The ward Christmas party was the party to go to this weekend!  It was after a zone conference in Navuoo. Although we  did not have time to be a tourists, I did have fun with some past companions, if you remember Elder Baxter who I trained, and McDonald who is a real  good friend. We had skits and we did a parody on the ‘’I’m a Mormon” ads using Book of Mormon characters. I will send off some Christmas cards this week.

With the love of a jolly old St Nicolas in a 1970’s TV special,

Elder Scott

Here is a preview from the Christmas party of my companion, cutie pie, Elder Hamlin and my annoying self.

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