Ian is transferred to Rock Island, Illinois

Ian was transferred to a new city on December 4th. He’s in Rock Island, Illinois which is across the Mississippi River from Davenport, Iowa.  It’s home to the largest government weapon manufacturing arsenal in the country  and a city known for it’s night life (#1 in Illinois) and who doesn’t know the song, Rock Island Line? It has a population of about 40,000. It sounds like Ian is in for some adventures here for sure.  Here’s his latest letter.

Rock island, Illinois- with a view of the weapon arsenal.

Hello family and friends,

I was going to send you a picture of me and my new comp but the computers here are super locked down and I cannot send pictures so I will have a super spunky recent convert in the area send you pictures.

I am in Rock Island, llinois now so drop me a letter at: 2902 38th, Apt.L , Rock Island, Illinois,  61201. It’s a  grungy city on the mighty Mississippi. The ward has some people in it that I knew at BYU-I, so I like the ward. It has character to it ( like most wards, but some have more flavor then others). The place is known for crime and only one of our investigators has a bullet that went though her window. Don’t worry, the Lord is protecting us and we “Da church people” so nobody is  going to me messing with us. I like the people here as they are humble and love Jesus.  There are a lot of churches because in a place like this God has got to be in your life. It is not the most beautiful place and the artist in me is complaining, but the people are beautiful and this will open me up to new avenues and concepts for portraits. My new companion is more relate-able.  He likes art, especially    Disney and is very patient with me and is a theater guy .

Mom, I like the cute couple pictures of you and dad. You are so cute together. It makes me happy.  Thanks for the photo of Luke (Ian’s friend). Tell Luke  (Davais) that I said he has officially crossed the  raging the river of manhood (he grew a bushy beard) and has all my respect. I cannot wait to unleash my hidden ginger when I get back, (it’s coming in thicker).

I look forward to finishing up here in about 6 months! Then, I will be back in the mountains, luring a herd of wild goats with my Irish flute.

Love ya all-

Elder Ian Scott

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 10.21.21
A map showing all the places Ian has served.He is now where the large red dot is.

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