“I’m Hitting the Road, Jack”- (or, Ian Gets Transferred)

Ian with a investigator, or as his says, “This is my brother, James.”

Hello  from Iowa City,

I went pretty hard on the paint last week and we saw some great success. I’ve done a lot of work in Iowa City and am ready to be  transferred on Thursday. This week, everyone was busy having Thanksgiving and shopping but I still had some good experiences teaching my peeps. And yes, I did have two Thanksgiving dinners, and yes,  I  did fall asleep that night in my suit because I was so tired from all the turkey.

It’s too bad I will not get to see Minny since she is still in Chicago for the holiday, but I will be back for her baptism. There have been some cool people I have met but many of them have moved out or moved on so it’s my time and I can leave the place with satisfaction in my soul.  I developed a good relationship with my companion and I have influenced him to start saying “rat’s boot” and to act more like himself as a confident teacher so he will be a great trainer.

I feel for him having to put up with my difficult time but it’s alright because it is all for experience. That’s how the mission goes, but that’s how life goes. Sometimes it’s a real “rat’s boot” (if you know what I mean) but you keep on truckin’ and it is all for your good.  It makes you have experience and wisdom. If not, we wouldn’t gain anything from life. So it was with Joseph Smith when the Lord told him in Liberty Jail, “all these things are for thy good”.  I bet Joseph was thinking, “Really?”  His people were homeless, father less, being killed, raped, and persecuted though out all Missouri, and all he could do was freeze in a prison. It doesn’t sound like fun to me, or sound like a guy that was just making this up for his own profit. Just remember, sometimes it is a rat’s boot, but you didn’t sign up for 75+ years of kindergarten.  You wanted to grow and learn stuff, go to college, get a PHD,  become something better, ( like a football playing, optometrist, king in space!), and we all can through Christ. He has suffered it all and knows and it is the best thing ever. This is why we get so stoked for Christmas! It’s because it’s the best, #heisthegift. Well, that my sermon for today. I promise its much better in person, but that’s all I have to say about that.

Love your faces,

Elder Scott


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