Ian in Iowa City:

Dear Mum,

 This week has been a bit better and I’m getting along  with my companion,and he has become more understanding of me and I have been more understanding of him. We have found common interest in the quotations of  independent quirky films. It’s ridiculous but fun. 

Miss Minny has been progressing along with Brother James who the ward has been helping a lot. We had a  ward pie competition and the missionaries were in charge of judging, so you can just imagine  Elder Zabriski, my companion and myself  turned into the  judges from  the show “Chopped” and we unintentionally offended some in the ward( some of the pies were not so good , especially after you have eaten 20 pieces of pie!) To our surprise, we also gained trust with the other half the ward  who are hipsters and they liked our sarcastic commentary.

 On exchanges this week,  Elder Zabriki(the wanna be Utah hipster, who is still pretty cool) and myself went looking for Africans. He claimed he had a sixth sense for finding west Africans( of which he is having so much success with in his area), so logically he thought if we could find some in our neigborhood, we would have success. Door after door of who we thought were west Africans, invited us in were actually north Sudanese Muslims who are very nice and hospitable but they aren’t quite ready to convert to Christianity, if you know what I am saying. After way too much Islamic cookies and blre   (a cultural drink),  we came to the conclusion that everyone was from Sudan is a Muslim and  they are very nice, good people and are very eager to learn about the Book of Mormon, but it is not their time yet to receive the restored gospel with the way things are in the world right now. I will say we blew a guys mind when we told him that Jesus Christ is our Savior and  will forgive us of our sins so we don’t have to do it all on our own!  
I  am so grateful to have faith in Christ. We really take him for granted as Christians. Where would we be with out him? You might be wondering why there are so many Sudanese in Iowa City. It’s because Iowa is a refugee state. I feel like I live in Sudan ( which is a rough place to be a missionary).  
We had a referral out in the country to contact, but they said they couldn’t meet then because  NASCAR was on and that made me really happy to be reminded that I was still in Iowa.That’s about it..two hoots for my brother, Elder Scott the 3rd, who goes on his mission to Sweden this week!Love,
 Elder Scott the second

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