November 10th Letter from Elder Scott


So this is my week;

Minny, our investigator came to church and gave her testimony so now the ward knows her! A less active who just started coming back, who we have been working with a lot  came to church as well.  He was assaulted by his son who is a drug dealer and he now is homeless and badly injured, but a member of the ward is taking care of him. He fears for our safety when we work in the neighborhood he used to live in because of our close connection and knowledge of the situation. His son is on the run and it’s a terrible situation,but I am not worried. The Lord will protect us.  Don’t worry about it though, is not that bad. It is definitely a story and life has been getting real.

We also found a bunch of investigators this week and dropped even more but that’s life. “The Book of Mormon buddies” (Remember, the puppets) has been providing member referrals which are much more solid and safe individuals. So, give member referrals! It’s what the prophets wants us to do. Don’t allow the missionaries to find on the street a bunch of crazy people and deal with all the stuff that cannot be sorted out in this life.  It has been a crazy week! I cannot tell you half of it but that was just a sample. I got your letter it was helpful as always.

Thanks for all your help.


Elder Scott

And then his added testimony :

I don’t have time to write a testimony of great power or flowery language but all you need to know is- I know God is real, Christ is my Savior.  Joseph Smith saw them and was called as a prophet. The Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants and Pearl of Great Price and The Bible are the word of God. I have come to know that there is prophet today named Thomas S. Monson as well as all the prophets and apostles called by the authority of God. His church has been restored after a period of time where the world was in apostasy. Angels still minister to men, and Satan is very real and I have visually seen evidence of his power, but I am strengthened to know that God’s power is greater because I have felt it though the Spirit. The Holy Spirit that witnessed of all truth and these things I know by that power, and I have suffered much for this testimony, but I know that it is true and no earthly power can convince otherwise!


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