October 27th Letter from Iowa City


Ian has been dealing with anxiety for about a month. He is fine letting everyone know as he says it helps when people see these issues as a medical condition that needs to be fixed so he can heal.  He has just started getting help but has still not seen a doctor. I’m hopeful he gets in this week.  He wants to serve others and to  be his best so let’s hope he is on the mend soon. Lastly, Ian has dealt with anxiety on and off since he was ten years old but found healthy ways to cope with exercise, music and art.  He has been frustrated with himself that the issues have returned but is starting to understand that it’s not his fault.  Thanks for all your thought and prayers on his behalf. Here are excerpts from his most recent letter.  ~Susan 

Dear Mum,

Your trip to Disneyland  looks like a hoot in a half.

It was good to see Sister Black ( a mission counselor)  but things are not getting better. I am trying to be as busy as possible, mostly just to keep my mind distracted but it is not solving anything. This week was mostly just getting to know my situation but next week will be more how to treat the situation. She subscribed mandatory running for 20 minutes every morning regardless, and also to read this talk: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/1974/10/do-not-despair?lang=eng(

Sister Black said too often, people just say to read and pray and do service or “use the atonement” and all your problems go away, but it isn’t that simple, so I am hoping these prophetic words will help. To answer some of your questions…

We have a good number of investigators: the sweet old black lady is too mentally and temporally stressed to progress at this time. The young theologian we set a date with but his heart is not soft yet or comfortable with the idea.  The other cool Christian guy has been in Colorado enjoying the mountains and nature( that lucky duck).

I think I am doing good with being busy and have been working my hardest to keep my mind busy but at the end of the day, I’m still having difficulty. The other day, I  went to the pioneer handcart park, a hallowed place that is by a meadow and a creek, where the deer eat grass from your hand. The spirit is very strong there and it was good for my soul to be reminded of what is important.

We do not get fed to often, about 2 times a week is average. We eat out a lot, mostly with the Spanish elders so I can spend time with Elder Jackson who is a good friend. A homeless man forced us to buy food for him and he took advantage of us big time. It was one of those experiences that makes it hard to be charitable because we left not feeling edified but used. Well, at least we tried.

Here’s a funny story: a guy got a selfie with my companion because he was so excited to see a real life”Mormon missionary” because he loved the Book of Mormon musical. It was like he was posing with a Disney character.

Also, a Strangite came to church, who we are now studying with. He is a good guy who was first Jewish, then came to knowledge that the Book of Mormon was true but found the Strangites (somewhat of a sect of the church that had some Jewish customs like Sabbath on Saturday). There is only a few congregations in Wisconsin, so he decided to come to the true church for his spirituality supplement. Essentially they believe many of the same things. Strangites are an interesting subject for sure.

That’s all for the week. I am still hanging in there. Thank you so much for your prayers and love,

Elder Scott


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