Ian’s latest letter- 20 October, 2014

Here is Ian’s most recent letter sent to me. We sent him short videos in his email letter this time. Why have I never thought of that before?  The first part of the letter is about the videos and photos I sent of our newly painting and arranged living room. He’s had a bit of a struggle lately, but sometimes that how life is, even for missionaries. The good thing is, he’s growing and becoming closer to Christ through it all. 
Dear Mum,
I loved the videos and though you thought they were pathetic, it doesn’t matter when I get to see Jet and to know he is still alive and happy, to see you and Dad and just hear your voice and see your face is such a blessing. It influences me to be better. You have no idea how thankful I am for those videos. Hearing Erik call me  “champ” ,”pal”, that has to be the best compliment Erik has ever given me!  You can tell him he is a real “buster”,  and a ” root’s toot’in buckaroo times two” Thanks again, I showed some of the missionaries and they say he is just like me.
I like what you did with the  living room. It looks good minus my ugly paintings.  I think I need to paint over the big one or just put something new in as  it looks like  modern color throw up. I’m a traditionalist and impressionist now so cubism is so not in style. Enough of this art rant.
The blog is not completely  accurate to how I spend my day, as there are not good days as well. We try to have good days. This week has been busy,  Sometimes my companion gets a little carried away with obedience and working hard and what that really implies. This week he wouldn’t  go the long way though the park so we I could see some beautiful oaks that have turned orange, but I let that go. Eventually, I told him how it was when he did not let me get a drink of water because we had so much to do. I did not get angry, I just used it as a teaching opportunity to express my thoughts. I have become very open with him and our relationship has been getting better because of it.
This week I read a good article in this month’s  Ensign  called, “Upon the Waters”, about a man who compared  anxiety to the barges in Ether that would get buried  by the waves.  The Jaredites would be delivered and then buried by the waves again, but it was all for the purpose of moving forward to a place where God wanted them to be.  I am trusting that that is what is going on and I am getting to where I need to be through Heavenly Father’s help. I pray to get though the day and I do, not knowing what we are going to do. Then, people who need help come in to my mind. I have been able to better relate to people with similar challenges, although I cannot provide an answer, I  can make them feel like they are not being judged or misunderstood, and I guess that really is the answer to our problems anyways.
I love you,
Elder Scott
On his last prep day, he went on a run and met up with a deer…..



One thought on “Ian’s latest letter- 20 October, 2014

  1. It sounds like possibly the most challenging period so far in a mission that’s been very challenging most of the time – but Ian has such a great attitude!

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